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<Draccy> IT'S HAPPENING!07/27/2017

Official Alpha Launch

There is finally enough of a game running on Draccyserv that players can come and try it out. We've only got the basic trade quests for the moment, but we expect to be fleshing things out with more story, dungeons, minigames, adventures and so on.

Please invite your furry friends! Link our website. Spread it around.

Whitelist Active

We have turned on the whitelist. By the look of things, a number of our active players haven't actually signed up successfully. For the moment, the whitelist is working correctly, so please sign up so you can play with us! :3

<Draccy> Hi Everyone!06/21/2017

The Road To Alpha

We're making some serious progress all around. The Alpha stage of our furry adventure game is built around the NPCs we're putting in. We now have about 100 unique models for characters. A lot of them are placeholders, but all of them will provide the means to unlock recipes. Alpha testers need only explore the map and find the trades to complete their recipe books.

We aren't officially in Alpha until all of these trades are up and running (and they aren't at the time of this writing). As we enter the Alpha stage, we will start fleshing out some of the trades with quest items, and maybe some prototype dungeons! It's all very exciting.

Shout Out To Our Dev Team

We put out the invitation to some old friends and wound up with a whole bunch of new Admins and contributors! Here's an early thanks to everyone who's joined in the fun - we couldn't do it without you!

FOUNDERS: Draccy, Garr, ReginaIdiotarum

ADMINS: Buffalo, GreyStone64, GriffinVarro, Keilaron, Kimouru, KitRuppell, KitCalibur, Medbh, TerrorBite

SUPPORT: Omnirexitor, JayTanoshi, Brauner, LoppyQ, MrLabrador

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