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The Server is offline!
<Draccy> Zzzz...09/19/2019

Staying Current

The effort to keep Draccyserv going is still constant, though we have not seen many players as of late. Until it's clear what will come in 1.15, some projects on the server map will remain on hold.
Recent changes to the way chunks load have forced us to run the metro carts in a slower mode for safety. If you get stuck in a wall riding the rail system, please scream for help and perhaps a discord-side admin will come and save you.

1.15 Snapshot Creative

We're handing out creative mode to whoever wants to mess around in 1.15's development versions. This time around, Chillserv is a playground for free building around the village, which is on the same seed as the last map so it's all hilly and fun. Connect to with the latest development version to play.

<Draccy> Things are Happening05/24/2019

New Toys

1.14 has offered a number of robust new tools that will allow us to better manipulate how vanilla Minecraft operates. Custom block drops are now possible, which means some blocks might get fully reskinned and recontextualized which were previously limited by the drop.
Silk touch and enchantment tables are likely to return, possibly in a different context. Most blocks are planned to have 1:1 drop ratios, so Silk Touch is kind of unneccessary. We might stick to enchanted books (which may be presented as a different item).

Stats Menu

Although it is still undocumented, alpha testers are welcome to try the recently added stats menu. With the current system, a "menu opener" object will appear in your inventory, which will open a chat-based menu when activated. The clickable options allow you to upgrade stats, which will unlock new crafting recipes.

Resource Limitations

Despite our best efforts, we have been unable to keep the 1.14 vanilla server from capping out our reasonably beefy AMD CPU. This has seriously limited how many players can be on, as well as how many servers can be running simultaneously. This is a notable change from 1.13, which was already heavier than 1.12 running the same kinds of scripts. We're looking into a solution.

<Draccy> Let's Chill and Craft04/18/2019

1.14 on Chillserv

Minecraft 1.14 is now on its pre-release scheduling. The official release is right around the corner. Draccyserv will not change significantly during this update, and many new items will be disabled until they're implemented in the RPG system.

Chillserv will continue to update through the pre-release schedule and will provide a space to play with the new vanilla mechanics during Draccyserv's development. The new village defense mechanics offer a new way to play.

Accidental Hiatus

Draccyserv updates have been a bit stagnant on the website as communication has largely been happening on our Discord server. Even so, development over the winter was a bit light. We're hoping for the same energy in warmer days as we've seen the past two years, particularly with the upcoming flood of new resources.