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<Draccy> Things are happening! 04/18/2016

New Hardware Installed

The new parts came in last week and Draccyserv has been upgraded!
Draccyserv now has a slick new MSI motherboard sporting a 4.0GHz AMD A6-6400K APU (Black Edition). What's more is we've managed to overclock that sucker to 4.5 GHz!!! No more CPU bottleneck!
Despite the new hardware, there's still chunk lag on Draccyserv. We're investigating our options, and we're fairly confident that additional RAM will help with the larger volume of players.


Special thanks to Buffallo, a long-time player and Admin, for her generous donation towards new RAM! We'll soon be running on 16GB (15 dedicated) at 2133MHz as opposed to the old 8GB (1600MHz) stick we presently use. Thanks buff!

Rail System Mostly Complete

ReginaIdiotarum (AKA Reg/Rex), has been working hard to restore and update the Draccyserv railways. We now have high speed lines between every town, and a pawful of stations that didn't exist before. Thanks Reg!

Buyable Lots

Back in 1.8 we had some experimental property-buying mechanisms. Draccy has reimplemented the commands using new 1.9 features, and now there's a fully functional deed-and-property system in place!
Players will be able to buy deeds in each town at the respective Town Hall, which will enable them to build on the associated plot of land. This lets anyone have a safe zone inside the city (away from monsters) where they can live, sell items, or just stash their stuff.

<Draccy> The lag is not better! 04/10/2016

The Dedicated Machine Sucks

At some point Draccy thought it was a good idea to move from a powerful processor to a much weaker platform. The idea was that the shared resources of running off the dragon's personal computer were causing performance issues on the server. As it turns out, the CPU difference was a big deal, and now the server runs WORSE, not better.

To combat this problem, we're buying some upgrades. About $100 (USD) is going into a new powerful AMD platform that should be better than the original computer.

Flirting with Bukkit

For a little while, we've been trying out Spigot (a fork of Bukkit) to see if it helps with performance.
As you may recall, we abandoned Bukkit in 2013 when the project ate itself for legal reasons. Command blocks were promising, so we decided to try to go full vanilla. It has worked out fairly well, but lately the server performance has been suffering.
Spigot definitely runs better than vanilla on the crappy CPU (see below), but a number of useful vanilla functions are now broken.

We've decided that there's no advantage using Spigot. We aren't interested in Bukkit plugins that'll just break down randomly. We can do it all with command blocks and a good CPU. :3

Technical Details: Computer hardware

Draccy's original CPU, an old 3.4GHz AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition from 2008.

The temporary downgrade: 2.33GHz Intel Core2 Quad Q8200

PROTIP: Minecraft doesn't thread at all.

The new CPU: AMD A6-6400K 3.9 GHz APU - Black Edition (dual core, but with overclocking it will be a monster)

In all cases we're using about 5GB of Dedotated WAM to server.


(we're fixing this list soon! honest!)