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<Draccy> Hi Everyone!06/21/2017

The Road To Alpha

We're making some serious progress all around. The Alpha stage of our furry adventure game is built around the NPCs we're putting in. We now have about 100 unique models for characters. A lot of them are placeholders, but all of them will provide the means to unlock recipes. Alpha testers need only explore the map and find the trades to complete their recipe books.

We aren't officially in Alpha until all of these trades are up and running (and they aren't at the time of this writing). As we enter the Alpha stage, we will start fleshing out some of the trades with quest items, and maybe some prototype dungeons! It's all very exciting.

Shout Out To Our Dev Team

We put out the invitation to some old friends and wound up with a whole bunch of new Admins and contributors! Here's an early thanks to everyone who's joined in the fun - we couldn't do it without you!

FOUNDERS: Draccy, Garr, ReginaIdiotarum

ADMINS: Buffalo, GreyStone64, GriffinVarro, Keilaron, Kimouru, KitRuppell, KitCalibur, Medbh, TerrorBite

SUPPORT: Omnirexitor, JayTanoshi, Brauner, LoppyQ, MrLabrador

<Draccy> Holy shit yes!05/07/2017

It's Bigger Than We Thought

Okay, so Reg, Garr and I have been picking apart the new Advancements system AND the recipe unlock system, and we're rapidly developing an RPG quest system using them, along with all our existing infrastructure.

Buyable lots are going away. Nobody seemed interested in those, so we'll just let players build outside town borders. In their place, expect to see loads of new shops and mini games! NPCs will be everywhere!

We figured out a way to give NPCs anthropomorphic heads. This'll make for a much more diverse set of characters throughout the world!

Imagine If You Will...

You arrive in Central City, a new player. In front of you is a sprawling urban landscape full of little shops selling useful things. You've got 30 emeralds in your pocket and the world is your oyster. Eventually you bump into an NPC outside a shop selling iron tools. She tells you that there's a place in the Northwest province where a master blacksmith lives. He could teach you how to make your own iron tools instead of buying from this asshole in Central City!

After exploring the landscape for a bit, you decide you want to find this blacksmith and learn his secrets. You buy a train ticket West first, arriving in Las Oasis after several stops. You explore the landscape of casino mini games in the dramatically different desert climate.

This time you decide to go on foot, braving the desert and running for your life from the powerful Hyper Creepers until finally you catch sight of the ocean. At first you expect to have to swim it, but soon you spot a boat rental hut near a weird little village. You don't know how to build boats, but this place can hook you up with one. They warn that the boat will disappear if you keep it for more than 24 hours.

It's a mild journey for the most part, across the ocean, fleeing from guardians below the surface as fast as your little boat will take you. You arrive safely at Iron Island, only to find that the blacksmith is retired. He bemoans the loss of his favorite hammer, which he lost in the caves below the island years ago. He might teach you his trade if you recover it!

This scenario is just a tiny example of what is now possible on Draccyserv. We are building a new RPG game into our existing world, with new adventures everywhere you look.

<Draccy> Something is coming.04/10/2017

A Draccyserv Tradition

As has been the case since 2013, we had a lull in server administration that left a big gap in the news. Nothing serious.

Suddenly: Control

The new snapshots have introduced something very special to the toolkit given to mapmakers and servers. We will soon have control over recipes and achievements (now called Advancements). This will allow us to strap RPG-like accomplishments to natural Minecraft gameplay. It really feels like the missing piece to the puzzle that has been Draccyserv's directives. We've always wanted to change the general structure of the game, to give people a reason to explore our map. Plans to engineer quest objectives using command blocks were devised, but implementation was difficult. Now we are being handed the keys to the gameplay!

Stubbornly Dedicated

As usual, I've refused to give up on this old server. We've been online since 2010 with hardly a day of downtime, with the same center of the map since the day we launched. It's something to be proud of, really. Minecraft is a tired game, now. A lot of young folks play it on consoles, but the PC game is largely abandoned. It would, for example, impress me to find out that somebody read this news update before May of 2017. Even so, these new changes are exciting. Maybe we'll get that old magic back.